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Meet Olena Nicks 

Olena Nicks has the experience and drive that Town of Hempstead Residents need in a Supervisor.

As a community leader, Olena Nicks has a well-earned reputation for getting things done. From her work on the frontlines to advocacy for making housing more affordable, to working with civic organizations for stronger, thriving communities. We need her leadership in the Town of Hempstead to get things done for every neighborhood!

"I became involved in my community with the intention of actively contributing to the change I wish to see. This is exactly why I am running for office, as I am committed to achieving results that benefit the people."

- Olena Nicks 

Olena's story

Olena Nicks has served as a public servant for a number of years, holding various roles and titles throughout her career. However, her friends and family will first tell you that she has never forgotten where she came from or whom she is fighting for.

Before graduating from Uniondale High School, Olena began her service to our community, working as a Teen Advocate for Planned Parenthood, providing comprehensive education to help prevent and reduce teen pregnancy and STD rates. She later took the next step in serving the community by joining the Uniondale Fire Department. Olena has served as President of the Uniondale Public Library, the first woman Captain of Manor Company 3 of the Uniondale Fire Department, and assisted many other community civics in her spare time.

Outside of her public service, Olena has financial analytic experience in both the public and private sectors - managing budgets over $70 million. ​Olena attended undergrad at CUNY Baruch, where she received her bachelor's degree in business operations and later received an MBA from American University.  

Olena is standing up for our families in the largest township in America and being the voice they need. She is making the promise to the hardworking families of Hempstead that it is no longer politics as usual. From leading the fight to unify Hempstead, boost small-businesses, increase quality of life, and providing safety to all residents. 

Olena knows that working together is the best way to get results.

Olena's understanding of the working-class needs comes from her humble upbringing. Olena was raised in a blue-collar family in Uniondale. At an early age, Olena jumped into the workforce to assist her household make ends meet.  ​Like many other families in the Town of Hempstead, Olena works two jobs and owns a small business.  She has seen firsthand the shortcomings of town leadership and is ready to make the changes that will benefit all residents.

Olena is deeply committed to a brighter future for the Town of Hempstead.

Committed to change in our town, Olena Nicks has set her standards high, and will not stop fighting until a proper balance has been reached. 

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